Here is your closest foundation match!

Select the shade closest to your skin tone.

Undertone : Cool

Characterized by a bluish undertone to the skin. People with a cool undertone tend to have red or violet lips. If your veins near your face look blue or purplish, then you may have cooler undertones. During the summer, the skin takes on a a brick red colour.

Photo Focus Dewy Foundation


Shade : Deep Honey

Finish : Glowy

This finish leaves your skin extremely moisturized and healthy-looking. It’s perfect for dry skin, for a fresh and super glowy effect.

Photo Focus Matte Foundation


Shade : Mahogany

Finish : Matte

Polished and precise with zero signs of shine and oil, a matte finish suits oily skin.This type of finish leaves skin looking velvety and pulls light inward for a flawless effect.


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